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Cookware and buffetware are essential for any restaurant or hotel that serves food. These items not only enhance the presentation of food but also play a crucial role in the cooking and serving process. So whether you’re looking for stainless and copper steel cookware, non-stick and cast iron cookware, buffet servers, serving platters, and trays, we’ve got them all covered for you!

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Front of the House® design team continuously creates in the intersection of colour, unique textures, and body shapes across various sizes. Each item is crafted to stimulate the senses through innovation and mixing the best of all elements

Mauviel is a French manufacturer of cookware using copper, black steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Not only reserved for the kitchen, Mauviel also designed a line of mini cookware you can directly put on the table with your guests.

Since 1947, Mepra has gathered three generations of Italian tradition, lifestyle, and design while promoting its craft innovation.

Using the most advanced technology, uncompromised quality, and functional design, 100%Chef is synonymous with innovation, quality, and value.

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