Purezza Premium Water

The modern alternative to pre-packaged bottled water


Purezza is leading the way in providing cost-effective, sustainable, and high-quality water dispensing solutions for hospitality venues worldwide.

The Purezza offering can be tailored for your business with system sizes that suit any space and output requirement. Powerful under-bench or countertop options are available, and to ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency, our servicing team is on-hand for maintenance and support.

Purezza Premium Sustainable Water Solutions for the Singapore Hospitality Industry

End-To-End Water System Exclusively For The Hospitality Industry

Purezza was conceptualized to provide a simple, contemporary, great tasting alternative to bottled water, by delivering premium dispensing solutions that enable venues to utilize their own locally-sourced water supply to offer to their customers. The latest technologies are used to ensure the offering is healthier, cleaner, better value and more socially responsible than traditional methods. This end-to-end system is offered exclusively to the hospitality industry (HoReCa) and the freshly dispensed water may be served sparkling, still, ambient or chilled in bespoke, reusable Purezza serving bottles.

The Benefits Of Choosing The Purezza Sustainable Water System

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Profit opportunity

Purezza sustainable water system is versatile and provides significant profit opportunities for any venue


Replacing your expensive and cumbersome bottled water with a Purezza sustainable water system is good for the environment. We show you how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Space saving &
easy handling

Purezza sustainable water system is user-friendly. Install Purezza and reduce your handling and labour requirements, and you never run out of ice cold sparkling and still water!

Systems & service

Our commercial-quality equipment guarantees to meet the highest demands of any venue, all backed by our nation-wide service network.

Unlimited, freshly dispensed, premium water

With Purezza sustainable water system, the quality and taste of our water is important. Our systems use the latest in filtration and carbonation technology, to ensure the highest quality output time after time.

Check before you rent

You can visit our showroom in Singapore to see how the Purezza sustainable water system works and how it can add value to your hospitality business.

Join Thousands Of Customers Globally

Get unlimited, freshly dispensed, great-tasting sparkling or still water and see the impact one single business practice can make in helping to increase revenue and supporting our environment.

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