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At Fuluxe, creating meaningful and unique customer experiences is everything.

Our passionate people dedicate their full energy to enhance every touchpoint that will change the perception and the level of satisfaction of your customers. For your hospitality business, this mindset extends far beyond a warm welcome and a friendly smile.

The Story - Fuluxe Singapore

The Fuluxe Story

We have grown from a distributor carrying Tableware exclusively to an extensive portfolio covering Biodegradable Disposable Food Packaging, Sustainable Still & Sparkling Water Systems, Bread & Pastries, and Tableware Rental for hotels and restaurants in Singapore.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted leading, innovative and sustainable solutions provider for the HoReCa industry in Singapore.

Our Vision

To provide the best expertise that will make each of the customers stand out while promoting sustainability and positive customer experiences.

Check out our tableware range, one of the product categories under our company profile. 

Our Vision for Hospitality Industry in Singapore

Bespoke Solutions

We share with our network of suppliers and partners around the world one key common value: providing bespoke solutions that will make each customer stand out. 

Our quality products and dedicated services have led us to close working relationships with leading hotels, restaurants, and catering companies in Singapore.


At Fuluxe, we innovate and advocate to create long-term value for our customers through our sustainable hospitality solutions. By providing our customers with more ethical and environmentally responsible solutions, we are helping them and the world take a significant step toward a greener future.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

And you will, too.

What makes us different from everyone else? Why have our customers chosen us instead of another supplier? There are many reasons, but here are a few things we are known for according to our customers.

A Complete Solution

Our expertise means we can meet all your hospitality requirements

Tailored To Your Business
Bespoke and affordable solutions tailored to meet your company’s needs
Expertise You Can Trust

Established local and prestigious restaurants and hotels rely on our 10 years+ of experience

Environmentally Sustainable
Our products have the highest standards with less impact on the environment

Whether you are opening a new establishment or revamping an existing one, we take pride in assisting you in selecting high-quality items while providing you with the latest trends.

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