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From casual restaurants to Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels, we partner with our customers on their journey to provide the best experience to their customers and to simplify their operations. We work with more than 400+ professionals in Singapore since 2013.
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Fine Dining Restaurants

Fuluxe is proud to provide the best fine dining restaurants in Singapore, support them in their journey of excellence, and provide the best and most memorable customer experience. We also support restaurants striving for a Michelin star with our expertise and our deep knowledge of the industry.

Top Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore

Casual Restaurants

Casual restaurants and trendy cafes

We support casual restaurants that aim to offer a comfortable, family-friendly ambiance and an affordable menu to their customers, following their visions and limitations.

Bars & Cafes

We provide bars, bistros, and cafes with affordable and reliable solutions which allow them to stand out in the eyes of their customers.


We offer the most comprehensive collection of bathroom amenities and housekeeping supplies for hotels in Singapore to ensure they stand out from the competition.

Top Hotels & Accommodations in Singapore

Check out the list of our customers who have been awarded one or more Michelin Star as of April 2022.


3 Stars

2 Stars

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We also proudly partner with many other amazing restaurants and cafes.


Fuluxe works closely with numerous hotels in Singapore, including:


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